Behind The Scenes at the National Air and Space Museum: A Blending of Photography and X-Ray:
An x-ray of Alan Shepard’s Apollo 14 spacesuit allows curators and conservators to “see” inside space clothing—a task that had previously been done by peering through the neck or the wrist with a flashlight.
See also. (Together.) Photograph: Mark and Roland Cunningham.
This is my final typographic poster. I added more color and more texture to the background of the image. I also changed the quote and size of the fonts. I wanted to make it more drastic than having one style of font and one size font. I really like the way this came out. What do you think?
I found a water color tutorial and i incorporated it with lyrics from Bon Iver. I really like this poster.
What do you think of it?
This is my revised my poster with the comments that i was given. I was told to add more color. I didn’t want to add anything drastic so i added a deep red font and some red stains to the background to give it more color

How do you like my poster?

I wanted to make it look like my poster was realistically on paper. I downloaded a coffee paint brush and the texture looks like paper. I used a quote from a song that I believe will dra w people in. I like the contrast of the black and white. I didn’t want to incorporate any colors because it would throw off the unity.

Typo Planning- Sammi Bongo

I want to do a single quote but i’m not sure which one yet. i have a few links of tutorials i would like to include in my poster.Create a Funky Retro Wavy Text Effect in Photoshop

Creating a Professional Cartoon Effect from a Real Photograph -

Poster from the Words

Create a Cool Wet Ink Typography Effect in Photoshop

Designing a Typographic Concept Poster | Psdtuts+

Adobe Photoshop tutorials - create a Mosaic text - learn Photoho

i want to base my poster off of unity between the colors. i would like to use reds, oranges, yellows and blacks. i would like to incorporate my photography also. want the back ground of the poster to have a texture as if it is painted on wood, i have yet to find a tutorial for the type of painted text i want.

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